SIEM is significant for every organization. Nevertheless, hoteliers need to be more careful about its potential drawbacks.

FREMONT, CA: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) might look a little complex from outside, and when implemented, it can prove to be expensive and difficult to maintain. The SIEM branch needs hands-on experiences and steady evaluation of most favorable performances.

SIEM provides necessary abilities for the latest cybersecurity policies such as log management, compliance reporting, and threat detection. Nevertheless, enterprises now should be cautious about its drawbacks before deploying it.

It Doesn’t Scale:

SIEM solution that does not scale is a complete failure for an enterprise, and substituting an existing SIEM solution is generally expensive and tiring as a method. However, the SIEM solutions cannot perform the central log management and threat identification on hybrid or cloud IT setting. So, if a hotel is looking forward to digitally transform or embrace an optimized hybrid environment, selecting an on-premise SIEM solution might not be the best idea, as it is confined to the on-premises environment that can restrict the impact of cybersecurity threat detection and response.

Unsuitable Correlation Rules:

SIEM operates as per a few rules that show how the solution correlates safety events throughout the accumulated and normalized log data. The solution in the hotel industry creates security alerts that tempt its IT teams to an investigation from such security events. Subsequently, the teams can uncover dwelling dangers or possible security holes. Furthermore, the next-gen SIEM solutions hire Machine Learning, which takes the fundamental rule of correlation supplied to it and expands them. ML reluctantly extends and adjusts its rules to get molded with new data, as well as new scenarios.

Unsuccessful to Provide Good Information:

Installing SIEM security-associated data tend to give more accurate alerts. On the other hand, feeding it additional information can generate hazardous amounts of noise and false positives. SIEM solution of a hotel needs to be capable of offering real-time analytics throughout the entire cloud, along with providing visibility into possible anomalies across its IT environment.

Lastly, the hotel industry needs to dwell on such errors and should not let SIEM mistakes spoil their cybersecurity success.

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