Smart hotel technology provides a broad range of cost savings and revenue opportunities to hoteliers. In addition, it is empowering hotel owners to reach up to new levels of profitability.

FREMONT, CA: Smart technology is transforming everything from houses to the way the cities are managed. The technology has not even spared the hospitality industry. In numerous ways, the hospitality industry is exceeding the race of adopting smart business technology. The following are some of the ways in which smart technology is transforming the hotel industry.

Smart guest experiences

Smart technology is further helping hoteliers to reshape their guest experiences and expectations. The technology enables the guest data to be used for accommodating guest needs in a better way. By combining it with the occupancy sensor, the technology can be utilized to automate visitors’ interactions throughout their stay, decreasing friction points as well as labor expenses. Thus, smart technology continues to empower hotels to predict and customize numerous guest services based on their early visits and aggregated guest data.

Smart reserved parking

Hotels can utilize smart sensors, and hotel applications empower the guest to reserve the parking spots prior to their visit and to have their place assigned upon their arrival. This saves hotels the labor expenses of manually handling the parking inventory. Plus, it gives the guests a seamless experience from the moment they pull in.

Smart room service

Smart occupancy sensors help the hoteliers in pushing menu notifications to the smartphones at the appropriate time when the guests are present in their room. These notifications also include customized suggestions on the basis of past orders. Many home food-delivery applications are already offering the same experience, i.e., sending push notification to the regular customers at their preferred ordering times.

Smart marketing practices

Before delivering a smart guest experience, hoteliers need to bring the guests through the door. This is where smart marketing comes into the picture. Smart technology’s data opportunities provide hoteliers with a complete picture of their guests. Hotels that utilize data insight will be the ones succeeding in the increased competition.

Mobile room keys

These days, an increasing number of hotels are providing guest room access via their smartphone application. This helps in saving costs from printing environmentally hazardous plastic keycards, and it is eradicating the hassle of handling keycard inventory that is vulnerable to loss and demagnetization.

All the opportunities lie in the data. The successful hoteliers will be the ones that will invest in collecting and assessing it in an actionable fashion. 

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