Technology moves forward by leaps and bounds. These days the travel and tourism industry is witnessing technological advancements in numerous new areas.

FREMON, CA: The travel and tourism industry is in the middle of a deep metamorphosis. There are several technologies already available; however, the technological solutions that are about to come are some of the main actors. The increasingly integrated relationship between travel and technology has changed the industry in a thousand different ways.

The following are some of the technologies that will bring significant long-term changes to the sector.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The AR and VR have made it possible to teleport people to the most remote corners of the world without getting off the couch. More and more enterprises are using it to show the users a cabin on a cruise ship or transport them, for a few moments, to famous places like the Great Wall of China.

Virtual Assistants

Today, hoteliers are deploying AI-based Virtual assistants for creating an interactive and customized experience for the customers. This is an open technology that enterprises can employ and adapt to their needs.


Blockchain is the technology, which is poised to transform the world, and it is impacting the travel industry at a significant level. Though there has not been much experimentation on it, it is most likely that it might be useful in recognizing travelers at the airport, guaranteeing transparency in travelers’ opinions, and convenient and secure payments.

Mobile Technology

This technology has evolved as a major character in modern techniques of travel. The smartphone has become people’s tourist guide, map, finest restaurant locator, travel agency, and much more. It stays by the side during the entire purchase journey. Therefore, it has become a need to adopt corporate service and communications to these gadgets. For example, KLM has developed an information service for the passengers that use Facebook Messenger.

Doubtlessly, technological advancements have completely transformed the way people travel, and these innovations promise an even more exciting and interactive experience.

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