From operations to marketing and guest experience, smart technology offers a platform for cost savings and revenue opportunities by helping the hotel managers to gain profit by leveraging technology.

FREMONT, CA: Today, in the world of trending technology, hotels opt for more innovative ideas that will boost up the sale and enhance the guest experience. Running at a food pace, the hotel industry is becoming aware of the fact that they have to stay updated with the latest trends in the industry. With an enormous change in the taste and expectations of guests, all the restaurants from big to small alike are looking to offer better guest experience. Smart technology changes the way homes, hotels, and cities are managed. Technology offers a variety of cost savings and revenue opportunities. The hotel industry is rapidly changing and is turning to become super high-tech. Here are some trends that will shape the hospitality industry to improve guest loyalty.

Assisted by Chatbot

With emerging digital platforms, it becomes difficult for the hotel authorities to give rapid responses to guests' inquiries across all channels, which can lead to revenue loss. To overcome this issue, chatbot, one of the latest technologies, is used to improve the guest experience. A report by IBM mentioned that around 85 percent of customer inquiries would be handled through chatbots by 2020. This means that all the questions raised by the guests on bookings, hotel rooms, hotel amenities, discounts and promotions, check-ins/check-outs, and more will be managed by chatbots in the future. Presently, the hotel industry is employing chatbots that are able to mingle with users in real-time, which can help in the increase of direct bookings. Through this, the hotel owners can provide personalized guest experiences.

Smartphone Keys

This is one of the trends every hotel manager needs to definitely utilize. Swipe cards have been replaced with smartphones and apps for easy check-ins and reducing the loss of keys. At present,  the guests can use the digital key to speed up the check-in procedure by using their smartphone.  

Mobile App and Easy Access

It is mandatory for the hotel to offer an app that is mobile-optimized in today's digital era. The continuous zoom-in and zoom-out will get the customers frustrated and will make the guests leave the website to find other alternatives. Currently, the hospitality enterprises are optimizing their website for mobiles as well. Creating a mobile app for the customers so that they can easily perform the action. It is one of the brand new trends in the hotel industry to offer an easy browsing experience for guests through smartphones. The guests can easily browse and can also check whether the hotel is providing offers, hosting events, and so on through the different app notifications.

Virtual and Voice Assistants

Virtual assistance is one of the new customer experience by decreasing the response times, streamlining multiple operations in minutes, changing the room status in seconds, and more through the voice commands. With the help of this technology, the guests can easily make requests for room services, fresh towels, and also other facilities. Currently, this is all possible through one app that helps in improving the personalized guest experience. The future of standalone devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home is one of the most exciting trends for the hospitality industry.

Social Media Promotion

Almost all the people around the world use social media, and the numbers are increasing day by day. Yet, many hotels are back when it comes to utilizing the technologies and social media to promote the hotel and its services. Social media is not only used for chatting and sharing, but it can also be used for promotion. Hotels use social media platforms to not only promote the news, but also to perform customer care to drive revenue.

Tech Staff

It is very difficult to maintain a customer relationship without having proper knowledge of the technology. Almost all of the hotel technology providers are using these trends and demands.  It is very important to provide accurate training to the right people; mainly the hotel staff as they are the ones who interact with the guests. Hence, the hotel staff needs to know about trending technologies.