By setting up an online booking system, businesses can connect with their customers online and make the booking process more manageable.

Fremont, CA: An online booking system is a system that allows a user to book services that a business has to offer in the form of an appointment. Much of the admin work is reduced as an online booking system offers flexible appointment scheduling options to the clients. Some advanced booking programs allow businesses to set up their customized and branded booking pages and send out automated emails and SMS. These systems help businesses grow by making them more visible online and provide communication tools to help them stay in touch with their customers.

It is crucial to find a suitable online booking system and then customize it according to the business needs. Here are seven steps to creating an online booking system:

1. Fill in the business details

Enter all the details like business name, brand description, social media details, contact numbers, and more to gain the customers' trust, increase online visibility and stay in touch with them. For example, suppose the business provides services at a physical location. In that case, the details of the location must be provided for the customer to find the location without wasting any time easily.

2. Define availability and services

The business should define their working hours and block out booking slots from the break hours. There should be a section that defines the services that the business offers. It must have a clear description of the service and the pricing. Also, other specifications like the availability of staff members for specific services can be added.

3. Reminders

These systems provide automated reminders, which helps to remind the customers about their fixed appointments, so they show up and don’t miss their appointment. It is always better to choose SMS reminders because they have higher open rates than email reminders.

4.Customize the booking page

Creating an online presence is essential for every business today. The online booking page is a virtual shop for the business, and it defines the brand. The customer will appreciate an attractive and organized booking page.

5. Integrate calendar and apps

A business uses multiple calendars, so it becomes difficult to manage all the appointments in one place, leading to extra bookings. Setting up calendar sync can help solve this problem. An online booking system can be integrated with all the apps that are used by the business, like email marketing, accounting, social media, and some more.

6. Page testing

Before sharing the online booking page, it is essential first to test it and check if it's working correctly so the customers can have a seamless experience. The team must make a booking and check whether the reminder systems are working and booking management options like canceling or rescheduling the booking.

7. Share the online booking system

After checking and verifying the page, the business can share the online booking page with the existing and potential customers through the website, email campaigns, and social media platforms.