The way of vacationers planning and travel experience is altering with the sharing economy. It is a straightforward concept, streamlined and powered by technology.

Fremont, CA: Holiday swap is enduring to change the way one travels in today’s sharing economy, and online websites provide the platform and functionality to do so. Multiple online payment options are adding legitimacy and security. On the other hand, social media platforms, where one can communicate as well as rate the other, reduce anonymity. The numbers reflecting the size of the industry display how sharing has disrupted the traditional business. The revenue generated by people swapping, trading, sharing, or renting assets as apartments and vehicles have increased at high speed. Travel is not the only industry contributing to the growth, but it is a big part of it. Sharing platforms, like, Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft, have transformed how people travel. In just a decade, Airbnb alone has emerged to be worth approximately $38 billion, with listings in more than 81,000 cities throughout 191 countries.

Sharing-Friendly Tech

The idea of a sharing economy is not new. Still, modern technologies enable faster, easier, and more personal peer-to-peer interactions, also with the individuals residing in the other part of the world. The young generation is now the world’s largest demographic, and wholeheartedly adopting a world of tech-media sharing. A survey conducted by Airbnb found that above 80 percent of millennials want a one-of-a-kind, adventurous travel experience, and they prefer it to stay in a serene, local neighborhood compared to touristy areas.

Digital Sharing Platforms for Every Taste

Every day a new sharing-based business is cropping up. Airbnb’s massive valuation and profit have lured other companies to enter the market, with a new idea like pop-up hostels, providing consumers with more alternative options to the traditional hotels. A few examples would be HomeAway, providers of beachfront cabins and other vacation properties, and FlipKey, a vacation rental finder, which has bloomed out of the TripAdvisor community.

Numerous sharing-based mobility solutions for the locals and tourists are also expanding rapidly. In a four-wheeled travel genre, other than Lyft and Uber, there is Zipcar, Car2Go, BlsBlsCar, and Getaround, who also provide a long-distance carpooling platform. The same goes for various two-wheeled options. The availability of these options has made travel very easy, convenient, and personalized for the consumers.

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