One for all and all for one is not as successful in the hospitality industry as it was in The Three Musketeers. The rigid system of one-size-fits-all needs to be avoided as different customers demand different services, so pricing them all without weighing in the services not utilized creates a downfall for the hotelier. Each traveler’s unique choices should be allowed the provision of customization. AI can power this personalized catering system and built to be affordable while boosting the revenue collected.  Early on, the airline industry initiated the usage of smart revenue management systems to encourage air commute among different people at various rates calculated automatically by the software. With this is as a benchmark, the hospitality industry is prepared to explore the AI technology.  

AI supports hotel owners in perceiving consumer behavior, purchasing patterns, and emotions triggering sales by generating data, storing, and organizing it to cater to customer demands. With the help of smart algorithms, computing power, and the latest data-crunching methods, hotel owners can decide which package needs to be delivered to their right targeted market. 

SaaS enables employees of the hotel to provide extra benefits or add-ons for customers by leveraging the power of data collected—a decision that not only increases customer satisfaction but also increases employee values. Revenue managers utilize SaaS to predict trends and patterns in customer engagement alongside the infusion of cultural change. 

The goal of the hospitality business is to encourage continuous development in AI and AI-powered smart cloud technology to increase their accessibility on mobile devices. As the combination of AI and the cloud is inexpensive and easy to access, they are expected to be implemented throughout the hospitality industry in the near future. The transformation is complete when hoteliers not only understand the architecture of AI but also adapt its work culture into the revenue system, revealing the true capabilities of the software itself.