Sustainability is one of the key challenges faced by the short-term rental industry, unlike the hotels.

Fremont, CA: Rental homes are scattered over a given region, and unlike hotels, where services like housekeeping and recycling are centralized on-site, it can raise the difficulty level of streamlining operations in an eco-conscious way. The hotels have a much bigger carbon footprint compared to vacation rentals because of the 24/7 feature of the properties. Opposed to this, the short-term rentals are typically individual homes or units and better in conserving energy and water. Similar to other parts of the travel sector, the short-term rental industry is starting to incline towards sustainability efforts as players take stock of their impact on the environment and act accordingly to the changing traveler expectations.

Technical Advantage

According to company sustainability and operational efficiency is effectively the same thing. The operational efficiency is not only coordinating housekeeping services in ways that prevent driving in the town or a more environmentally friendly practice, but it also frees up time for the property managers to focus on additional sustainability initiatives. Few companies leverage technology to streamline operations for property managers in several ways, including keyless entry and smart temperature control to maintain the thermostat when the properties are not in use. A smart thermostat saves the money of the property managers as well as provides a better guest experience with their ability to turn up the temperature or set it back.

Environment-Friendly Homes

According to a survey conducted by Airbnb, 88 percent of its hosts adopt some form of green practice into their hosting, with a 59 percent offering recycling, 39 percent providing information about the public transportation, 47 percent gives bulk toiletries, and 40 percent use the green cleaning products.

On a mission to become carbon-neutral, ec0-friendly products and amenities are put up in the host’s home. As a part of this mission of eliminating single-use plastics from homes, the guests are provided with cartons of water from the brands that fund clean water projects. Even toilet papers are being replaced by organic coffee pods and plant-based cleaning products.

Although progress is being made, the short-term rental industry has a long way to go. 

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