Re-inventing casinos for the millennial crowd was a challenge to the industry until technologies were leveraged. Now, the younger crowd being engaged the industry has created a breakthrough. 

FREMONT, CA: As the conventional slot machine is nullified by smartphone gaming and Xbox-playing millennials, casinos have vowed to increase the business from the obsolete system with the augmentation of technology.

As the casino experience is single-dimensional, lacking any extra tasks, achievements, and rewards like those seen on gaming apps, it gives the people a chance to address technology as a leisure activity.

The gambling capitals have experienced a downfall as recent studies indicate that the average age of visitors to Las Vegas has been declining. The younger age group has been visiting the gambling headquarters, and they do not gamble. The phenomenon has resulted in revenues dropping from 23 states that depend on the taxes collected by the casinos.

Here are some ways that casinos are leveraging technology to attract millennials—and improve general operations.

Big Data:

Casinos have aced in the usage of big data by collecting information on its patrons with loyalty cards. Along with personal information, the amount of money spent in the casinos, the dates and timings of the visit, and also the player’s favored slot machine.  When the marketing department wants to filter out people who have not been to the casino from a while, big data can analyze and determine people who haven’t played at the casino from a while. It can distinguish that group of people who have spent an average of $200 each visit. Then it drops a mail offer such as ‘$100 in the free play’ to come to the casino industry on a specific date.

Big data gathers information from online gaming as well. By following how people are playing the game allows the developers to change the structure of the game in real-time.

Casinos maintain massive databases of information for security basis on all the transactions, cheaters, employees, and other people of interest.  Big data is utilized to scan these databases and recognize relationships or patterns that may not be obvious at first glance

Enterprise Content Management (ECM):

The glitz and glamour of the casinos is a front for a very successfully running business with complex operations being executed with high precision. Casino back-office operations such as Human Resource, accounting, and contracting can leverage advantages of similar sorts of business process and enterprise content management software as any business. 

Massive organizations have extracted advantages out of electronic documents to streamline business processes, decrease the costs, and maintain logistics of managing on average 50,000 pieces of paper a year.

The biggest of issues among other concerns include keeping track of the documents that are transferred or created by the casinos. The enormous flock of people needing to review and approve contracts, records would get lost in the chaos during the process of approval. This phenomenon gave rise to multiple copies being routed for approval to different desks, which ultimately led to an increased workload and wastage of resources. Now ECM carries out the job.

Virtual Reality:

Millennials are ecstatic about utilizing virtual reality in gaming systems. Online games take years to be developed and are equipped with features. Some of them are high-end 3D graphics, massive on-screen touch reactivity, super-high-resolution 4K pixel clarity, professional sound, audio effects, and an all-including super panoramic widescreen cinematic gaming experience. Each time a player logs into the game, the virtual version of the player becomes active. The virtual bot is welcomed by a mystical creature or an infected pet and sometimes even a cute panda bear, who will be the concierge throughout the adventure of the player. With some games, the players grow from infancy to adulthood as they collect a precious gem that leads the gamers through a plethora of tasks and puzzles for the grand prize.

Casinos have leveraged technology into their day-to-day operations. It has unraveled infinite possibilities, even though several assumptions as to how the industry does not fit into IT have been made earlier. The industry from recent years has showcased how technology is just an instrument to achieve a more significant cause. The utilization of big data and ECM in business operation management and virtual reality to engage people to use the applications and slot machines shows that the casinos have made a good bet.