The hospitality sector will start expanding again due to the availability of vaccines, so the companies are taking advantage of cloud apps to welcome their guests.

FREMONT, CA: The travel industry has taken the opportunities provided by cloud platforms to welcome the surge of guests concerned about their health and safety, as the hospitality sector is expected to expand as vaccines become available.

Now that people are getting vaccinations, tourism is sure to pick up again, and the travel industry is happy. But hospitality will not be the same because buffets will not be available anymore, and the hotel lobby will no longer function as it once did. When people travel now, they prioritize health, hygiene, and safety.

Hotels are likely to go entirely contactless in the future. They're already leveraging cloud platforms for contactless check-ins and check-outs and even cloud apps for customer food orders placed through vending machines. To put it another way, everything will be streamlined through the cloud platform.

As hotels can't perform contactless check-ins without them, cloud-based technologies appear to be saving the hospitality industry. When hotels roll out their contactless arrival kiosk trial program for safety concerns, hotel guests will have a completely contactless experience. It includes mobile room keys, mobile meals, touchscreen check-ins and check-outs, and real-time mobile messaging with the hotel employees.

The pandemic has increased demand for contactless services, and hotels adapt to accommodate customers' shifting requirements. Today, almost 65 percent of travelers say they only feel secure staying at hotels that use cutting-edge technology, minimize in-person encounters, and deploy UV-light-powered touchscreen kiosks to destroy bacteria and viruses in hotel lobbies.

Cloud Platform to the Rescue

Several cloud hotel property management software firms specialize in cloud PMS and contactless check-in solutions. They've even collaborated with many real estate businesses to bring together casinos, hotels, and cultural attractions for contactless, self-service check-ins with a simple, intuitive user interface. Guests are expected to be satisfied because of the seamless mobile cloud automation. The cloud-based property management software enhances employee training, saves time, and reduces the risk of disease spreading through handheld paper tickets.

Many hoteliers have already taken the next step, implementing cloud-based check-in, housekeeping, sales, distribution, and data warehousing systems. Cloud technology reduces the disruption that comes with IT replacement and reduces the cost of improvements, allowing hospitality guests to have more personalized experiences.