In the fight between the brands and OTAs, chatbots help in serving the objective of the initiatives, which is to attract more and more users to book their reservations on the brand’s website.

FREMONT, CA:  Chatbots are regarded as a technology that comes with multiple opportunities for the hotel industry, starting from increased direct booking in a hotel to its accommodation. Furthermore, during the process of reservation, chatbots can provide tourist services as a travel guide, suggesting the guest on what are the top visiting places.

In today’s world, hotels are facing a tough time to increase their direct reservations, as compared to the bookings done over the online travel agencies (OTAs). In order to achieve it, hotels need to put up offers and discounts on their websites.

Additionally, these promotions can also work to encourage the purchase of other accommodation services as well, through chatbots. Chatbots are considered as the ideal tool to increase direct booking and to help the hotels in the battle with OTAs. By installing a chatbot that offers help, can make the user start a conversation, which will provide the hoteliers with information concerning their preferences and purpose of traveling via the website.

Amidst several options presented by a chatbot, it can go to the extent of offering discounts and special offers to a potential customer by starting a conversation. It will help the potential client can ensure the availability, as well as the price through the chat window. All that the customer has to do is to pick the dates of entry and departure to initiate the reservation process.

After the completion of the first process, the customers can choose their preferred rooms that are displayed along with their respective prices. Apart from that, there are video tours that the hoteliers can offer, including menus and images of better rooms, and reviews from previous guests below it. Chatting is activities, which people usually do every day, so why not use this habit to advantage and achieve great opportunities during the booking processes organically.

With chatbots, the hoteliers can install automated answers for recurring queries rather than making the customer call the receptionist or the contact phone to find the answers. Nevertheless, a chatbot resolves the questions without any human interference. Moreover, it can answer in multiple languages and notify the customer service representatives in case of any problems.

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