Technology has entirely transformed the way people live their lives, as well as the way they work. The fact stands the same in the hospitality industry too.

FREMONT, CA: The objective of using smart technologies is to transform the customer experience and make the services of the hotel way more customized so that every customer feels appreciated and valued. In today’s world, it is crucial to ensure that customers get whatever they desire because customer satisfaction can help in driving revenues.

Tech-based Reception:

The first thing that welcomes the customer is the hotel concierge, which is responsible for ensuring that the hotel guests have a problem-free stay. On the other hand, if the hotel integrates it with AI, they can minimize the wait time and enhance efficiency by:

• Having a computerized front desk that helps in recording check-in and check-out

• Assisting in finalizing room availability and reservations

• Automatically updating the guest’s bills, along with phone accounting, room service, and other expenses

• Providing guests with services available on the hotel’s web application like room service, restaurant reservations, etc.

Revenue Management System:

With the help of a hotel revenue management system, hoteliers can maintain the digital persona of the property by:

• Applying dynamic pricing on different travel sites

• Updating online reviews of the website

• Helping to stay active on several hotel reservation channels

Hotel revenue management software is dependable as it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to update room charges automatically, as per the internal factors such as occupancy, seasonality, and booking opportunities. Besides, a few external factors such as the frequency of booking, day of the reservation, and competitive prices are also taken into account for a smooth running.

Deploying Big Data:

Big data in the hospitality industry can help with patterns related to consumer behavior and their interactions by:

• Estimating the price points of the hotel rooms according to their demand.

• Exploring the hotel fairs in every category.

• Enhancing customer experience with the help of the likes and dislikes of the customers.


Chatbots are mostly seen to have taken over the hotel industry for a simple reason, which is the immediacy to which the hotel admin department can address the guest queries. Chatbots can additionally resolve any problems while making the reservations on the website, as well as help in providing the appropriate room as per the customer’s budget and preferences, without any language barrier.