Lonely Planet’s Acquisition of an open-source digital experience, Acquia facilitates the travel brand to develop a customer-centric platform in the travel industry.

FREMONT, CA: Lonely Planet’s new step of acquiring TRILL Travel, the leader in travel media has paved the way into most advanced digital space. The company recently partnered with Acquia, an enterprise that offers brands with innovative technology for unique user experiences.

Today, Lonely Planet is a significant travel media organization and a guidebook brand, which provides reliable and inspiring data for all kind of travelers. The company has its presence all over in the form of video, mobile, international magazines, lifestyle books in 14 different languages. Besides, the enterprise has printed over 145 million guidebooks and has a full-fledged, enthusiastic global community of travelers.

Acquia, an open-source digital experience enterprise, presents businesses with advanced technology, which allows them to embrace innovation and craft significant customer moments. The enterprise additionally believes in the power community—giving users the liberty to build tomorrow on their terms.

Acquia’s software has been devised to supply Lonely Planet with a user-friendly and most seamless travel website in the industry. Acquia’s open-source platform, which is supportive of flexibility and digital freedom, made Lonely Planet’s choice of collaboration simple. The platform delivers Lonely Planet the tools required to efficiently operate, optimize, and build its digital customer experience. Additionally, the travel brand initiates streamlined navigation capabilities for travel inspiration, discovery, and trip-planning by presenting quality content in a personalized way. 

With the deployment of Acquia’s web personalization software named Acquia Lift, Lonely Planet will have the aptitude to function its fully personalized user experience leveraging updated data independently. The information is timed and placed swiftly through communication to its customers preferred skills and content. As customer and content is Lonely Planet’s prime focus, the new technology supports engagement, loyalty, and conversion. Some of the benefits of Acquia’s technology include building visitor profiles with data, hyper-targeted experiences, and carrying personalized website content.