FREMONT, CA: To stand on the unending expectations of the guest is considered as one of the toughest but most rewarded jobs for any hotelier. Every guest is an individual, so each has different choices and expectations for the perfect guest experience. It is essential that guests are served with everything they were promised. Creating a positive guest experience and satisfactory hospitality is not a cakewalk, but by using a few ways, it can be made better.

Providing Warm Check-Ins: Since travel bookings are made online, the first impression becomes crucial. Trained staff, a beautiful décor, and the way of welcoming guests need to be pleasant for a lasting impression.

Backup Plans for Emergencies: Neither the guest nor the hotelier enjoys trouble during their first experience, so it is best to have backups as an immediate solution ready for every ordeal.

Catering to Special Requests: Requests like flowers for a special occasion or a basket of goodies has to be fulfilled by the authorities instantly to uplift the traveler experience. There are different technologies like the property management systems (PMS) built to take care of the guest requests and demands. It can be used by the staff to ensure that they are fulfilled seamlessly without any further queries.

The Interaction and Information Quotient: There are times when a guest finds something amusing inside the hotel property and wonders about its presence there. It is the ideal time to interact with the guest and provide relevant information. Guests wandering without any help can give disastrous reviews about hospitality. To add a guest to the list forever, cordial interactions are a must.

Pleasant Staff: Gestures like a smile, a hello, or a wave at the guest can lighten up the guest’s mood and experience. It is important to remember that a happy atmosphere can never let a guest leave unhappy.