Mobile technology has become critical in providing simple and seamless customer experience and fostering guest loyalty. With technological innovation, customers can engage with brands at any time—from reserving a room to ordering drinks while sitting at the hotel's poolside. The focus on mobility with guest-facing apps, property-wide WiFi access, and mobile staff can enhance the customer experience and the daily operational workflow of the hotel team.

91 percent of hotel staff claims that guest-facing mobile apps have become the preferred way of requesting service. The guest experience can be enhanced by using smartphones capable of managing essential services such as booking a room and managing check-in or check-out procedures. In addition to improving the guest experience, 66 percent of respondents indicated that reducing operating costs was a significant driver in embracing mobility.

While mobile adoption has a high self-rate, some respondents struggle in spreading the word about their guest-facing mobile app technology, and 50 percent of respondents expressed their fear of more mobile-friendly competitors disrupting their organization.

Hotels have used the offer of free gifts, drinks, or discounted room service to draw customer attention to newly launched apps. In the absence of such mobile initiatives, hoteliers should be able to provide other channels of communication, such as texting, to respond quickly to customer needs.   

By empowering guests with self-service tools, allowing them to communicate with the hotel via their preferred channel, and continuing to invest in friction-reducing technologies can make mobile applications critical to improved guest experiences.

In a competitive ecosystem, the bottom line of industries can be reduced by reducing operating costs and increasing revenues by implementing new technology advances without disrupting daily operations. Mobile technology is currently expected to achieve customer goals in the hospitality industry as well as keep guests engaged and satisfied.