Robots are demonstrating their ability to boost productivity and enhance working conditions in the workplace.

FREMONT, CA: Due to the pandemic, all hotels have reduced their workforce, resulting in less human interaction and reduced virus propagation. However, the hotel's operation and guest service must be of the highest quality. To address the hotel industry's human services gap, robots are now in high demand to ensure that guests are served on time and that their expectations are met. Keeping loyal customers satisfied in this unique situation is a problem for every hotel. Hotels are fighting to maintain hygiene and deliver the greatest hygienic services to their customers to keep them coming back.

Hotels are looking for complete hotel robotic solutions, ranging from bellboy robots (luggage robots), check-in robots, room services or room request delivery robots, sweeping floor robots, carpet vacuum robots, welcoming robots, guidance robots, kids entertainment robots, or kids playing robots, and disinfection robots, due to a lack of staff availability.These robots assist in maintaining social distance while also carrying hygiene measures. Robots are programmed to conduct duties that are defined to fulfill the goals based on the needs of each hotel. For example, several hotels are requesting and implementing a robot in the lobby, reception, or entry that will teach guests how to stay safe in the hotel during the pandemic, whether they are there for a quarantine period or as a tourist.

As part of the hotel's commitment to providing a safe atmosphere and environment, each room is disinfected before the guest's arrival and after the guest has checked out. Hotels use a UVC disinfection robot in addition to human cleaning and disinfection to provide a completely safe and sanitary environment for their guests.

Robotics demand is quickly expanding around the world, driven by specific requirements. It's not like robots are taking over the world. However, robots are assisting humans and businesses in surviving the pandemic. Robots are demonstrating their ability to boost productivity and enhance working conditions in the workplace. At the same time, it is increasing hotel customers' trust in robots who assist with social distance, hygiene, and regular services.