G Adventures partners with CrowdRiff, a visual marketing platform, to make better use of user-generated content.

FREMONT, CA: G Adventures, a socially responsible travel operator, is popularly known as the small group adventure travel expert for people of all ages, interests, and budgets in more than 100 countries on all seven continents. The company always listens to the travelers giving them what they want—top-notch tours in top-notch places with top-notch staff at great prices. Their primary goal is to ensure an authentic and memorable life-changing experience for everyone. G Adventures has selected CrowdRiff, a visual content marketing software, for digital and social teams at travel and hospitality brands.

The company will be using this marketing software to flourish its brand through the small group travel adventures it offers, connecting everyone to the world. G Adventures brings to life its brand position of “Our World Deserves More You” for travelers planning their next adventure. CrowdRiff’s AI-powered content marketing platform allows G Adventures to collect, curate, and secure the usage rights to visual moments that are captured by its customers during their travel journeys. The platform integrates content discovery, digital asset management, and content delivery tools. With this platform, G Adventures can source and share top-performing visuals with their audiences.

“Travel represents one of those remarkable times in a person’s life where they want to share every aspect of the experience, from the destination, sites, and people to the food and unique encounters,” said Lauren Michell, VP of Marketing and Customer Experience of G Adventures. “Because user-generated content is such a powerful way to showcase all that travel has to offer, we were looking for a partner with a technology platform that could help us showcase our customers’ travel moments. CrowdRiff is the perfect fit for us as they truly understand and share our love of travel, have the same entrepreneurial spirit as G Adventures, and of course, their technology platform provided exactly what we needed.”

G Adventures is looking forward to extending its use of the CrowdRiff platform for many of its applications, including an initial launch goal of streamlining how they collect user-generated content for sharing on social media and their website. Further, the CrowdRiff platform will be utilized by G Adventures’ in-house agency, along with their web, social media, and content production teams, and external agency partners.