New hospitality trends transform the way hotels serve their customers.

FREMONT, CA: The future of the hotel and hospitality industry is a hot topic, and there are numerous avenues to success.

Here is a list of several regularly mentioned initiatives that are becoming more widely used around the world.

Innovative hotels: The incorporation of the Internet of Things (IoT) into a property excites guests. It provides customers with a high level of convenience and efficiency and a feeling of luxury. People are beginning to incorporate technology like this into their own homes; therefore, the demand for it in hotels will undoubtedly rise.

Environmentally friendly hotels: As it becomes evident that sustainability is a significant concern, society is becoming more ecologically sensitive. These shifting perceptions are influencing how travelers select their lodging. Priorities for sustainable hotels include eco-friendly construction, energy savings, and garbage management.

Employees who are robots: Some travelers may find it unsettling to be served by a robot, while others may enjoy the opportunity to avoid interacting with people while staying at their hotel. More and more hotels are employing robots in some capacity, such as assisting with automated check-in and check-out, carrying baggage and acting as concierges, or providing room service.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: These technologies are no longer confined to niche markets. They are already quite popular in gaming, entertainment, and tourism, and they can also be precious to hotel clients. Virtual reality replaces the natural environment with visual and auditory input, whereas augmented reality superimposes virtual components on top of it. Customers who wish to see the property and even portions of the location can take virtual tours. A hotel might employ AR to convey information to guests by using something like an interactive map.

Unique brand experience: Many hotels are beginning to establish their brand by doing something distinctive about how their resort is designed, laid out, or outfitted. Travelers are increasingly looking for fantastic, experiential hotel stays, so everything a hotel can do to add a novelty factor will be advantageous.

These trends are all impacted and informed by more significant societal trends. This is why, to maintain a thriving business, hoteliers must consider moving away from the traditional and toward the radical. There will always be a place for good old-fashioned hospitality, but the method it is given may need to change.