IoT isn't a buzz word anymore. It is now a fact that offers all types of business tremendous power. Indeed, IoT is sometimes considered an avatar of the tried and tested SCADA systems as the fourth generation. There is no exception to the hospital industry. In the hospitality industry, IoT adds the smartness needed to deliver better value to customers and enhance business operations performance.  The hospitality industry has enormous potential in its operations to increase revenue and reduce IoT technology expenses. IoT in the hospitality industry provides an enhanced customer experience with a more relaxed and tailored stay with automated rooms.

The hotel industry has an astonishing opportunity to unlock growth and enhance customer experience by making physical assets, well, smart, with an estimated 17.5 million rooms worldwide. These devices enable staff to easily track and manage valuable inventory when placed on key assets, with both indoor and outdoor equipment.

IoT solutions, like biometric tokens that favor facial recognition and queue management algorithms, can simplify the process of registration while protecting personal data. And large-scale events hosting a variety of guests are able to adopt IoT solutions that detect suspicious activity and offenders. Businesses take advantage of IoT from solopreneurs to multinational corporations to save the only asset that cannot be retrieved: time. It is well known that the quote "time is money" is more relevant now than ever. So if the employees are helped to save time in tasks that can be automated, not only will this increase productivity, but also determination.

IoT is a great resource for internet integration of ERP and CRM. When ERP and CRM are integrated, sending quotes, inventory management, checking paid and unpaid invoices, among other key business management operations, will be more comfortable and faster. Thus, employees can focus on what matters most in order to grow business: acquiring more customers and maintaining current customers happy.

In the hospitality business, the IoT will be a standard. It is a service deserved by all guests, and just the right tool for hotels to evolve and strengthen market authority. Hoteliers need to understand that IoT is the key to a happy-term success with enhanced customer experience, optimized operations, and cost savings.