Combining mobile capabilities with a specified artificial intelligence platform for guest is meant to benefit the industry, which is why it is highly recommended and should be considered as a priority for the hoteliers.

FREMONT, CA: Technology has taken over almost all the industries. Travel and hospitality is one of the industries where technology plays an important role. With the massive support of technology, challenges have also become infinite and more complex. Whether they're rolling out apps or AI, hotels must consider the employees that will support them and the visitors who will be using these technological tools.

Even for paying bills to make travel arrangements, people merely use their mobile devices to survive the present day's ever-evolving tech-related society. As mobile devices are very popular, combining mobile capabilities for guests should be a priority for hoteliers. In a recent report submitted to an Oracle Hospitality survey, more than 90 percent of surveyed hotel executives stated that mobile technologies are inevitable in enhancing the guest experience and in cultivating the loyalty. However, only around 69 percent of those respondents were confident in their institution's ability to adapt and deliver those mobile experiences.

With the high-class ability to learn guest behaviors and preferences, the potential of AI is immeasurable. One innovative way is that AI is leading the charge is through chatbots. Chatbots can communicate effectively, comprehend questions, and also respond by providing recommendations and suggestions. They are multilingual, meaning they can interpret and communicate in any language, which can be extremely critical for international guests.

At present, more hotels are going to the next level to increase the guest experience and enhance their teams internally, but new trends always emerge. The key for hoteliers is to understand how to leverage the tools and technologies and figure out how to make them work for their hotels.

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