With Artificial Intelligence, restaurants gain the opportunity to impress their guests by automated responses to the common questions and requests.

FREMONT, CA: Hotel guests have many expectations regarding their stay from the hotel before their arrival. From the time they step into the lobby, they start rating the hotel to see if it meets their expectations. Few questions that can come to their mind would be if the hotel is kept clean and will it have all the amenities preferred.

While settling in, a typical guest has some standard questions that need to be answered to help them enjoy their stay. According to Go Moment research data, the top three hotel guest requests are about the Wi-Fi password, check-out information, and housekeeping requests when they reach their destination. Here are a couple of ways a Travel and Hospitality CIO can enhance guest satisfaction.


To manage situations like guest satisfaction at any cost, hotel and restaurants have adopted consumer technology that will make the guest management a whole lot easier.  Through many technologies invented now, hotels can now have the opportunity to impress the customers by providing the best hospitality by automating responses to the common questions and requests raised by the guests.

For example, if a restaurant manager asks for the Wi-Fi password, the equipment like smartconcierge quickly responds with a text message in a conversational manner that makes the guest feel like he/she is having a conversation with a restaurant staff member.

One Step Ahead

The equipment called smartconcierge can engage with a customer.  It can collect and analyze data that allows it to anticipate what that guest may request for next. Through these AI-enabled experiences,  the hotels promote a higher rate of guest relationship and then enable the satisfied guest to review their hotel on the spot, thereby generating a platform for sale and also building customers on a loyal relationship platform.