Modern customers are not just interested in buying a great product; they also want the overall purchase experience to be enjoyable and ready to pay more. Therefore, businesses that offer better experiences earn above their competitors.

Fremont, CA: Seventy percent of buying experiences are based on how the consumers feel they are being treated. Something just as simple as saying 'thank you' to the customers after a purchase can immensely improve their impression. Technology has also played its part in revolutionizing almost every aspect of life. Today, customers use multiple devices to research, get in touch with businesses, and finalize sales. They also expect speed, consistency, and efficiency in customer service across channels – making it inevitable for companies to use advanced customer support technologies. Here are some of the uses of technology that enhance customer engagement. Top 10 Booking and Reservation Solution Companies - 2020

Websites and landing pages – Websites are a virtual showroom for the brand, and integrating it with CRM, live chat, and other customer-centric software can improve the CX considerably. Due to data analytics, it is also possible to segment the audience and direct them to personalized landing pages that boost conversions.

Email – The customers are often hard-pressed for time and would instead send an email than waiting to connect with a phone agent. By integrating a CRM with the customer support software, the businesses can directly convert emails into tickets, keep track of user information, and quickly respond to queries in order to keep the customers from getting frustrated.

Social Media – Social media has transformed beyond networking and emerged as an essential customer service tool. With 92 percent of people inclining to trust their peers' opinions over advertisements, businesses need to be responsive and offer spontaneous social media interactions to manage customer complaints while also preventing any negative marketing due to unresolved issues.

As AI and self-service resources have become central to customer service, businesses will soon find the customer service team to be bogged down by a lesser number of queries. Therefore, instead of focusing on quantity, they will be solving more complicated product or service-related problems. Such a scenario would save money and improve CX remarkably as it would allow agents to provide highly personalized interactions to clients.