Brands throughout industries harness the deeply rooted needs, desires, and even fears of the public to sell things that, in some cases s not required.

Fremont, CA: Consumer psychology is a fascinating thing; brands can extract the data about the needs and desires of the customers and then offer services accordingly. These businesses take pages from psychology experts in order to tap into the collective unconscious of the people, mingle with audiences, and convert them into customers. To add to it, marketing and advertising are two of the most commonly used vehicles that carry out psychological selling tactics, which is an equally powerful area, and to do so is the customer service and specifically, service recovery.

In the hospitality sector, service recovery gives a rare opportunity for businesses to turn a lackluster experience into a memorable one by curbing the needs and desires of their guests. Here are the reasons why hotels and their teams should adopt a new maximum to boost loyalty and the bottom line.

A Cry to be Heard

One of the scariest things for a hotel is a negative review; they can detract travelers searching for their next place to stay. The fact is that in numerous cases, negative reviews are just an expression of the human need to be heard. Developing a solid and frequent communication enables guests to share the good and bad in a way that satisfies their preferences. While doing so, the brands can empower their customers and give them a chance to resolve issues, or else they will not know until it is shared online for the whole world to see.

The Service Recovery Paradox

Businesses allocate huge amounts of energy and resources in finding ways to make sure that issues don't arise. Although in many industries, mistakes are an unavoidable part of doing business. The hospitality industry is human-centric, and humans are deemed to make mistakes. The best part is that the missteps do not have to be fatal. In fact, the service issues can be transformed into powerful opportunities that make the bonds stronger with the guests.

It does not matter where a property is; all of the guests who walk through the doors have one thing in common, which is that they are all human. By opening the gateway of communication with guests, hotels can take the guest experience to another level.

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