Travel brands are increasingly investing in mobile technology to compete better and provide the experiences essential to gaining new market share.

FREMONT, CA: Customer experience is positioned firmly as a competitive advantage, and something most companies are prioritizing. It's never been more critical to deliver a consistent, seamless experience for customers and to look towards the future to find innovative ways to meet the needs.

Customers who get an emotional connection to a hotel become loyal advocates, make repeated visits, and recommend hotels and travel agencies to family and friends. Instead of focusing only on technology solutions, the industry tends to offer customers.

There will be a big push towards a more significant customer relationship. Customers want to develop a relationship and emotional connections. They can respond to brands that show interest in them and their feelings and then follow that up with a consistent, technology-driven experience.

The backbone of every customer loyalty program is accurate market segmentation. By identifying and isolating a target group, any company can effectively address the demands of the specific sector. Nowadays, a particular generation has emerged as possibly the biggest market for the airline industry known as millennials.

Customer data platforms have gained massive interest recently. Data management systems are not new. However, previous solutions were cumbersome and often required a massive undertaking by IT of both time and resources.  A customer data platform, on the other hand, offers speed, skill, and is owned and operated by marketers.

As consumers and technology alike continue to evolve, travel brands must adjust their investments in mission-critical techniques to capture the attention of new customers and the loyalty of their current customer base.

The critical challenge among airlines these days is how to strike a balance between revenue generation and better customer experience. While profit generation is undoubtedly the primary goal of any business, any airline or hotel would be negligent if they fail to recognize customer experience as a sustainable strategy for growth.

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