AI and natural language processing (NLP) are designed to clearly understand guests’ specific requests and address them via messages quickly and seamlessly.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming smarter by the day in a way that the connecting lines between man and the machine are turning blurry. This makes technology to be sophisticated enough to deliver service to guests in hotels without even knowing that they are interacting with a bot. The power of technology enables hotel staff to be true hosts and not administrators. It allows them to spend more time with the guests and at the same time, empower guests to have a better and alternative way of communicating with the hosts.

However, engaging the customers to the fullest can be complicated without easy access to data from multiple systems. One possible way is with Oracle as MS provider, and teams can leverage their companies open APIs to access and group data from across platforms. The PMS collects initial guest contact info and information regarding their booking of stay. This data, along with guest information from the CRS surveys, and food and beverage outlets, is then consolidated in one central database. To top that, the two-way communication to pull and push data through systems has enabled hotels to execute their actual needs.

A simple mobile app with multiple features makes use of this database that allows the housekeepers to view the rooms that need to be cleaned and monitor progress with live information. AI provides an added opportunity for housekeepers to know about their guests, such as if a guest always requested for a particular type of chocolate, it could be left in their room as a delight element. This can also be connected to the HR system to allocate tasks by tracking the location of a particular associate in the area of demand, and depending on their availability; it will assign the task to someone closer.

As the system built for housekeeping is a great success, a mobile app can be created for every department and guests as well. Utilizing the app, guests can also check-in online and select a specific room from a floorplan like the airlines—all in real-time. Every interaction with the app is recorded as it generates a live interaction with Oracle Opera booking platform via open APIs, and therefore no employee is required. The guests love using the app as they are provided with easy access to the system while selecting the room, making payment, and checking in.

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