Implementing several technological solutions has enabled salon and spa owners to optimize their business growth.

FREMONT, CA: Recent years have seen the salon and spa industry suffering the most due to the pandemic and lockdown impact. With most people staying indoors, the salon businesses deteriorate significantly. Facing closures, the salon owners and employees experienced huge losses. However, the industry has revived post-pandemic magnificently, and salon and spa owners are adopting various ways to boost their businesses.

Technology has immensely helped the salon and spa industry in its growth ladder. Several technological solutions have come up in the market, which have simplified salon management, client management, and the use of various beauty-enhancing devices. Digitization and the introduction of AI and data analytics have positively impacted the beauty industry. Various software applications are now available in the market, which helps businesses grow.

Booking software: The basic difficulty in salon businesses is the scarcity of the workforce. Client booking, management, gathering feedback, and attending to customer queries are all tedious jobs that require enormous human effort and time. But with the implementation of booking software solutions, salon owners can easily track their booking details, manage everyday clients, schedule their appointments, and answer their numerous queries. It also benefits customers as it allows them to enjoy seamless booking and customer experience.

Virtual imaging: salon and spa is a more customer-centric business where customer satisfaction is the vital element. Clients are always demanding and particular about a certain look or a specific skin treatment. With the implementation of AI, this can be resolved as there are few AI enables solutions that enable the clients to choose their services, hairstyles, look, and products before visiting the salon. Virtual imaging tools can show the clients how they will look after getting a certain hairstyle. It can answer many of the questions of clients related to their looks.

Smart tools: It is an era of pollution, hair problems, and skin issues. Customers have various requirements for their beauty products and services. Smart tools can help salons detect and analyze their client’s skin type and hair requirements regarding certain products, equipment, and therapies. It can help in understanding and providing better beauty treatment to the customers.

Marketing and social media solutions: Social media has proven to be one of the most effective platforms for advertisements and promotions. Salon owners now post their services and products on social media platforms to gather more clients and promotion. Images, services videos, and salon cleanliness photos can help them acquire more customers and ratings. Sever AI applications can help analyze customer data from social media and enable businesses to send customized beauty packages and offers.