Hotels are trying to drive direct bookings through their website so that they can increase customer satisfaction and do not have to pay a hefty commission to the OTA.

FREMONT, CA: A hotelier’s dream goal will be to achieve more bookings directly through the website as they do not have to be dependent on the OTA giants. The hotels do not want to depend on the OTA because they consume an extraordinary amount from the earnings. 

Therefore, hotels need to have their website and drive their bookings directly from it. There are several benefits of having a direct booking, and it saves them from the dilemma of paying a hefty amount to the OTAs. Direct booking also permits the hotels to avoid the clutches of the OTA bookings as it has every potential to decrease direct bookings. 

However, it is not an easy procedure, and there is no shortcut to achieving success. Therefore to gain more direct bookings, the hotels have to generate proper control over the booking procedures to appeal to more customers. Moreover, the hotels also have to ensure that they offer a satisfying customer experience. 

Here are some of the effective methods that can help to drive more bookings from the hotel websites. 

Groom the Website

 It is said that first impression matters, although it might not be the last. However, it can create a significant impact on making the customer’s decision on whether to book the property or not. So, the website must be groomed up. Hotels need to invest in their designing and information provided on the site as it can play a primary role while influencing the decision of the customers. 

Well-Integrated Booking Engine

The hotel website must have a booking engine. If the booking engine is appealing and effective, it will tempt the consumers to not only browse the website bit also book the property they want to visit from the website. Therefore, a well-groomed website, along with a proper booking engine, will increase direct bookings. 

A Simple Booking Box

To achieve success in the hospitality industry, it is always better to keep things simple. In this fast-paced world, every person wants to save time for them. There if the booking box is simple and easy to use, it helps the customer to book their property right away and also increase customer satisfaction.

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