It is important to put an end to human trafficking, which needs conscious effort not only from the society but also from the individual firms, especially hotels. Technology is extensively used in every industry, likewise, it can also help the hospitality industry prevent trafficking in their premises with their innovative mobile key.

FREMONT, CA: In today's modern world, human trafficking is a huge issue, and everyone right from the police to the government is trying to fight this problem. Thousands of people are being trafficked every day, and it is one of the most significant issues faced by humanity today.

Worldwide, hotels are being used to shuffle children in and out of rooms to exploit them sexually, and due to this hoteliers come under the scrutiny. Motels or hotels are the most common location for human trafficking because of its easy access. The traffickers do not have to fear because they can maintain secrecy through finances by paying in cash. According to the security departments, traffickers take advantage of the privacy and anonymity in the hospitality industry.

However, recently, hotels have become more concerned about this growing issue and have launched an industry-wide 'No Room for Trafficking' campaign. This movement is to spread awareness about trafficking among the hoteliers and employees. It will also educate them to spot the signs of human trafficking in the properties.

Technologically, hotels can not only take steps to stop the traffickers from using the premises but also prevent them from targeting the resorts. Hotels can start the use of mobile key entry for the guests to access the rooms anonymously and deprive the traffickers of committing their crime. Below are some of the benefits on how the mobile key can help in fighting the human traffickers.

1. Capture Unique Phone Numbers

A mobile key needs a smartphone and the phone number that is captured by the front desk or the property manager to create a digital key and sent to the guest. An individual to participate in any illegal activity will hesitate to share their mobile number as they may come under suspicion of the crime.

2. Creating a Record of Entry

The easiest way to keep track of every guest in a hotel is through the mobile key. The mobile key provides a record of entry, and hence, whenever the room is accessed, the unique code number gets captured and shows on the record.

3. Giving Hotels Visibility

The mobile key will provide the hotels with maximum control over guestrooms as they can keep a track on who is entering and leaving the room. This mobile key entry represents an area of hotel technology where the hoteliers can serve their guests and also prevent human trafficking.