Fremont, CA In the last few decades, the hotel business has grown exponentially, making it one of the most competitive industries on the planet. Hotels are always seeking for new methods to remain ahead of the competition. Revenue management enters the scene at this point. Since the beginning, revenue managers have been predicting and shaping the consumer path to buy with the help of data and analytics. Artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated the hotel industry today and is putting the show on the road. The capabilities of AI are initially viewed with skepticism. However, everyone eventually realizes that it is more of a benefit than a liability. A hotel revenue management system based on Al can currently process millions of data in a fraction of the time. Not only that, but machine learning can synthesize them, providing a wealth of useful insights as well as learning about client behavior.

How AI is transforming revenue management:

Creating guest personas

For effective revenue management, detailed and data-driven visitor identities are essential. However, there are a few drawbacks to manually generating visitor personas or using traditional approaches. This is where data-driven and automated persona development come into play. Several tools are now available that allow revenue managers to employ AI to develop considerably more sophisticated personas for their guests. Revenue managers can forecast how consumers' preferences and past behavior will lead to future purchases using predictive analytics and machine learning.

Helps to set prices

The most crucial part of revenue management is pricing. Since AI and machine learning (ML) entered the market, it has become the modern solution to all pricing-related issues. Machine learning algorithms understand links between different data fields linked to the hotel's offering because they already have access to all of the data, resulting in a more predictable outcome.

Analyzing and identifying potential risk to income

AI and machine learning are also assisting hotel revenue management in identifying dangers. There are a number of regions and channels that spend a lot of money yet don't produce the desired results. With an AI-based system, on the other hand, hoteliers may continuously monitor all channels and have the system notify them to any potential threats. Furthermore, these systems are typically fed with certain risk metrics and circumstances, and once something satisfies the conditions, an alarm is sent.