Facial recognition technology is a type of biometric artificial intelligence, which identifies an individual or verifies their identity, based on the face alone. Facial recognition technology has advanced to a point where it has become smartphone compatible, mainstream, and used by social networking platforms.

Fremont, CA: Facial recognition technology was considered to be a concept commonly linked with science fiction. However, now the technology is explored and utilized more often in the travel industry. It has emerged to be very useful due to the vast number of travelers and customers that tourism companies have to deal with. Hence, any technology that will facilitate speed up processes is beneficial.

Security is a crucial concern for airports and hotels, and facial recognition can be used for identification, to grant people access to places, as well as keep others out. This ability enhances the customer experience. Here are a few ways of how facial recognition technology can be incorporated in the travel industry.


Improving personalization is one of the best ways for the travel industry to make use of facial recognition technology. Matching faces in real-world environments to those on a database, hotels, and other companies can identify people quickly and offer personalized services to those people.

For example, the guests visiting a hotel can be offered the option of providing a photograph of themselves at the time of the booking process. When the hotel cameras identify their faces on their arrival, the hotel staff can greet them and utilize their booking information to ensure that the guests get customized service.


Facial recognition can benefit the travel industry through increased security, and there are various potential uses within this area. For example, the facial recognition technology can be used to verify the identity of a guest and then grant them access to a gym, hotel room, or other hotel facilities. This technology can also be used to identify troublesome guests or visitors and prevent crime.

Data Analysis 

In the travel industry, data is playing an essential role in allowing hotels and other businesses to deliver excellent services and optimize their processes. In this area, facial recognition can play a crucial role in the coming few years, allowing some data to collected automatically.

Other than just matching faces in an image to look in a database, the technology can potentially be utilized to identify the gender of the guest to provide an estimate of their age and create their mood.

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