Machine learning technology is rising rapidly due to which the hotel industry has been adopting the services to provide personalized services to their consumers.

FREMONT, CA: Machine learning services permit the hotel managers to provide an enhanced end-user experience. The technology is increasing rapidly and, and presently the hotel industry has also adopted machine learning services. The technology facilitates the companies to bring improvement in the operations by using them to provide better-modified services to customers. Few of the artificial intelligence (AI) functions have been created to offer machine learning to the application developers and end-users that do not need any experience. The AI services that were initiated by AWS consist of new machine learning-powered enterprise search, code reviews and profiling, fraud detection, medical transcription, and human analysis of AI predictions. Here are two of them that have the potential to help the hospitality industry.

Amazon Kendra

For the enterprises to find the information they need is a difficult task because companies have a lot of unstructured data text which they can accumulate in several formations and spread them across other data sources. There are web-based search tools, yet the companies find it challenging to conduct their internal search as no tools are available to perform the appropriate job of indexing across the existing data silos. 

However, Amazon Kendra can break the barricade because it permits the employees to search from several silos of data by utilizing proper questions and not only keywords. It makes use of AI technology to offer specific answers that the employees want to know. The technology also makes sure that the search result is relevant to the existing document access policies. 

Amazon Fraud Detector

The maximum of the fraud management systems that are used is time-consuming, expensive, have low accuracy, and also they are difficult to update because fraud pattern keeps on changing. The Amazon Fraud Detector permits fraud risks predicts with the help of its fully managed service that has the ability to detect the probable online identity and payment fraud. It also uses machine learning models for producing the results in real-time.

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