AI-based knowledge management platform is providing high-level visitor experience.

FREMONT, CA: A Knowledge Management Platform, making data AI-ready for physical locations, Satisfi Labs, has extended its successful collaboration with the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia). The teaming-up deepens the AI-Powered Knowledge Management Platform's knowledge of visitor interests, and priorities, and artwork, and artists starred in the museum. Satisfi Labs assists one of the most well-known art museums in the country via the ongoing partnership to offer a better visitor experience while accumulating valuable data and insights on their audience, influencing future experiences and offerings. Since the collaboration, Satisfi Labs' virtual assistant answers to museum visitors' often asked questions through webchat in English and Spanish.

The platform that has been set by this collaboration sees an increase in inquiries about types of art and specific artists, helping Mia to build a deep knowledge base on the museum's artwork and artists to fuel more discoveries. The virtual assistant has acknowledged to over 60,000 questions, focusing on art pieces, ticketing, traffic, and rotating exhibit data. Minneapolis Institute of Artis is dedicated to offering an easy choice for visitors to discover information concerning the museum experience and how to purchase tickets for their special exhibits. Satisfi Labs resumes building the knowledge base around special artists and types of art that are housed at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Satisfi Labs is an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform for conversational commerce and search. The organization enables search for physical locations through conversational AI, allowing the locations to answer user questions on-demand. Satisfi Labs takes in physical and digital data through its Knowledge Management Platform, making it AI-ready, enabling the Answer Engine to offer the most precise and relevant answers to any owned channel on the web, SMS, mobile, and voice devices.

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