Robots and artificial intelligence are emerging as valuable solutions for those operating in the hospitality industry as it can improve automation and perform tasks without tiring.  

FREMONT, CA : Robots are increasingly being used in the hospitality business, with applications ranging from artificially intelligent chatbots developed to help with customer service to robot assistants deployed to enhance hotel guests' experiences. Here is more information regarding the uses of robots in hospitality, including few examples from throughout the world.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and speech recognition technologies may be used by modern robots, which can be autonomous or semi-autonomous. As a result, most robots are designed to do specific jobs with extreme precision, such as the industrial robots found in factories and production lines.

Robots in the Hospitality Industry

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Automation and self-service are becoming increasingly important in the customer experience, which is one of the reasons why robots have become a prominent technology trend in the hotel business. Robotics can help enhance speed, cost-efficiency, and even accuracy.

Chatbots, for example, enable a hotel or travel agency to give 24/7 support via online chat or instant messaging, even when employees are unavailable, resulting in speedy response times. Meanwhile, a robot deployed during the check-in procedure can help to speed up the process and reduce congestion.

Examples of the Use of Robots within the Hospitality Industry

A Robot Suitcase

Robotics is being deployed for luggage purposes outside of the hotel business. It's basically an autonomous suitcase that can follow people around by itself. It features anti-collision technology, 360-degree turning abilities and reduces the need to carry, pull, or push the luggage.

A Robot Assistant for Airports and Hotels

Robotic assistants are rapidly being used in airports and hotels, revolutionizing the entire hospitality business. These assistants can do various types of activities, such as room service and providing information. The capacity of robots to support a multitude of languages is a significant advantage.

Security Robots for Airports

Airport security is one of the essential areas for deploying new technology, and robots are also used here. In airports, robots are increasingly being employed to identify concealed weapons autonomously, helping to keep travelers secure during their journeys. 

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