By investing in a smart data strategy, each casino will gain the ability to generate much-needed income immediately and ensures that guests become loyal customers.

FREMONT, CA: In the last few years, the worldwide casino and gaming market has seen substantial market upheaval, leaving industry professionals wondering what they must do next to recoup much-needed revenue from their activities.

As the pandemic has spread, so have developments in big data technology for the casino business. With the emergence of big data, casino operators can now gather the critical intelligence they need to recognize market trends and respond to revenue opportunities and threats.

While casinos generally collect and maintain extensive data on gambling activities, valuable analytics produced by their hotel operations and guests are primarily neglected, leading to missed opportunities to create significantly more revenue while also improving guest satisfaction and loyalty.

With the new advancements in 'smart data' software, casino operators can now immediately access and leverage in-depth analytics on every guest, offering businesses a virtual roadmap of their individual customers' different preferences and interests.

This leads to increased guest satisfaction, which increases the probability of future reservations, the possibility for guests to stay on property, and the main objective of changing a guest into a loyal customer for life.

Breaking Down Casino to Guest Communication Barriers

Understanding every customer's exact expectation is a common issue for several consumer-facing markets. For casinos with a smart data platform, an unattainable goal is becoming an automated process that continuously produces results.

When a guest connects one of their devices to a smart data-enabled Wi-Fi network, a personal profile is generated that can collate valuable background information on a guest, such as age, gender, and marital status.

Give Loyalty Program Sign-ups a Boost

One of the preferable advantages for casinos that integrate a smart data platform into their current guest Wi-Fi services is to persuade more guests to join loyalty programs by introducing them to incentives tailored to their specific interests.

By collecting email address details from a casino's Wi-Fi login page after a guest agrees to participate in the service, smart data platforms also can continue to push loyalty program sign-up notifications after guests leave.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

The capability to successfully impress consumers by delivering instantly personalized experiences is a rapidly growing business distinguishing factor, not just for casinos but also for virtually any consumer-facing market. In addition, consumers have grown used to receiving any service or offering on their terms and exactly when they desire it, due to the near-universal ownership and regular use of smart devices.

Casinos that follow this growing trend can achieve a significant advantage over their competitors by immediately demonstrating that they are more suitable and intriguing to each potential guest at every stage of the customer journey.

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