It is very challenging for hoteliers to have a positive first impression on their guests. However, advancements in technology have resolved this issue.

FREMONT, CA: The days are gone when hotels had only candles, reeds, or chemical-induced plugins as the only choice for aromatic perfection. Today, technology has brought us the wonders of HVAC scent diffuser machine, a technique of bringing uniform scenting utilizing a technology called Cold-Air Diffusion. Hotel Scents, a hospitality service provider, has come up with this flawless technology, which is helping hoteliers creating positive representation.

When it comes to the sense of smell, aromas first hit the brain area, which is associated with memory and emotion. Curated fragrancing of the commercial or domestic property make sure that the visitor's perception is strategically positioned from the moment they step inside the hotel.

How Cold-Air Scent Diffusion Technology Beneficial?

Cold-Air diffusion technology diffuses pure essential aroma oils in the air to get the most out of them. These scent machines make use of filtered air from the room, rather than using a fan, hear or evaporation, for diffusing fragrances into an ultra-dry micro mist. This empowers the hoteliers to experience the complete olfactive aroma of the scent and get the most of the therapeutic benefits of oils without diluting them in alcohol, water, solvent, or using heat.

This technology not only stores the therapeutic power in oils but also uses less oil while scenting large or small areas of the hotels. In contrast to the ultrasonic diffusers that require water dilution, evaporate essential oils, cold-air diffusers just use oil and cold air. It makes sure that it creates a long-lasting and consistent scent without damaging the essential oils.

How does it work?

The diffusion of the oil is done through a process called nebulization, which involves breaking down of essential oil into a very thin dry mist without leaving anything behind. Then, the oil is diffused via the diffuser core by using air in the space. An internal air filter makes sure that no external particles or dust disrupt the diffusion process, thus resulting in a subtle and consistent scenting environment.

The machine uses internal intensity control that empowers the users to control the complete scent diffusion process fully. It depends on the user to make it strong or subtle.  

 These diffusers are available in different beautiful designs to complement hotels and can easily connect to the HVAC system. It allows to conveniently set the fragrance output intensity as well as hours of operation.

So, hoteliers shouldn't delay in installing this incredible technology in their hotels and welcome guests with fresh and beautiful aromas.

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