With substantial economic impact, the casino gaming industry is booming and supporting millions of jobs. Security and crime prevention tactics are considered to be significant parts of a thriving gaming operation.

FREMONT, CA: Casinos in the past have faced daunting times with high volumes of visitors each day, along with a heap of valuable information stored. The recent developments in video technologies are prepared to deliver an elevated level of security as well as provide critical operational insights to improve efficiencies and revenues.

Casinos are leveraging high-performing video capture combined with recording systems, including modern technologies, to facilitate essential data. The latest systems feature high-definition cameras with maximum coverage and low-light technology as well to enhance visibility. Different features of video analytics, like object recognition, facial identification, and heat mapping, are being used to categorize data and make trend analysis and reporting possible.

Casinos implement surveillance-optimized solutions to collect, filter, and store every video and the metadata that revolves around it. Some companies use enterprise drives, well-known for their capabilities, to measure thousands of petabytes and transfer data instantly. The gaming facilities are making use of an open-architecture, which has a scalable video management system to incorporate every technology for effortless management and control.

The implementation of advanced surveillance systems and video solutions by the casino owners is done extensively to enhance edge recording, intensify edge computing, and identify the benefits of real-time data insights.

The cameras installed at a casino entrance, recognize the face of a VIP customer and send an alert to the senior management executive. It helps them to personally receive the guest and deliver a higher level of customer service. Apart from that, a camera installed in a parking garage can help in detecting any inappropriate behavior and bring it to the security’s notice to stop the situation before it gets worse. With the help of advanced video surveillance used for investigations, employees do not have to spend hours in a security control room to monitor the customers regularly.

Furthermore, heat mapping recognizes the highest traffic areas within the complete casino facility. It is considered to be crucial information for boosting customer experiences and multiplying the business for gaming, food, and retail departments. In the meantime, video cameras installed to POS terminals in cafeterias facilitate the managers with abilities to verify guest service expenses as well as take care of the logistics, tracking, and verification of shipments.