Casinos are adopting an easy way to bring statistical data into their financial accounting software for easy, automatic side-by-side comparisons.

FREMONT, CA: Casinos collect statistics throughout different departments, but usually, it is not a simple process. Manual entry and competing priorities mean that data has not been raised recently. And it is easy to fall behind. But if a user has real-time stats, they could easily and quickly compare data across different departments and use those comparisons to bolster decision-making. A casino accounting software system enables real-time data and fast, robust decisions. 

Compare machines by denomination

Several factors come to play in creating the users' slot floor mix. Where to place the slot machines on the floor is strategically planned. With the help of a casino accounting software system, real-time, comparative data can help decide the slot floor mix down to the level of machine denomination. How machines do by day can be viewed, by denomination and vendor to help make an informed decision on the slot machine mix driven by an analysis of revenue numbers at this granular, detailed level. This can help in improving machine performance. 

Compare events

Speaking of events, it can easily compare them by using casino management tools technology. In that software, one can tag revenue and expenses by event, allowing running a P&L by the event to analyze overall performance. Compare data for gaming days that the event occurred on as it relates to the F&B revenue generated and table games revenue. 

Compare gaming vendors

There are several major slot machine vendors. New technologies help to track slot flash data and allows us to compare metered as well as actual revenue by each vendor.  It is easy to see if individual machines aren't performing as well as machines of a similar kind or as well as during the same timeframe the previous year, or if they seem to be underperformers for a continuous period. This leads to more informed decision-making when it comes to swapping out slot machines or choosing which vendor to obtain new machines from.

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