In-room tablet helps hotel staff update the in-room marketing materials and directories in real-time and additionally communicates special promotions and offerings directly to guests.

FREMONT, CA: In today’s time, where an endless amount of data is available at fingertips, and the average attention span is at a record low, many brands struggle to generate opportunities to engage and connect with potential customers. The hospitality industry is facing an additional obstacle—an inundated market with new competitors popping up every day. The features make transmitting a brand’s message to an audience appear like a daunting task.

How can businesses reach a target audience and capture their attention? The focus should be on spreading the message to the consumer whose attention the hotel already has, which is its existing guests. There is no better way to reach guests than to address those who are already listening. When it comes to creating a captive audience is where in-room technology comes into play; particularly in-room tablets.

Special Promotions

An in-room tablet not only lets the staff update marketing materials and directories in real-time but also builds a new channel for hoteliers to communicate their special promotions and offerings directly to guests. In-room tech, including smart TVs, tablets, branded mobile apps, and voice solutions allow businesses to reach customers when paying the most attention; in their rooms.

Personalized Offering

The tool also allows hotels to optimize guest profiles produced during the booking process to send customized offerings and messages personalized to their preferences. By using the business intelligence collected from in-room technology, staff can create tailored offers for each guest that connects directly to revenue-producing opportunities.

In-room technology can additionally be used as a platform to share special promotions and offers that are definite to each customer’s needs and interests. Besides, the tool can make real-time updates to directories and menus, and interact directly with the guests through in-app messaging or text message.

Eliminates the Disruption caused by other Promotions

The use of technology also presents guests the facility to choose which promotions and offers they want to engage with and get rid of the disruption caused by other marketing methods. In an industry where customers’ decisions are based mainly on reviews and experience, it is even more essential for hotels to promote loyalty with guests through improved service and experiences.