As the airport security evolves, companies round-the-world have also settled on designing as well as implementing the latest technologies that can help in enhancing the efficiency in time.

FREMONT, CA: The aviation industry indeed takes airport security and public safety very sincerely, but it also extends the waiting-time and creates discomfort for the travelers. With developing technology, there has been a transition in the way of working at the airport. It certainly aims to make the experience of the travelers smoother and faster.

Here are a few methods that can help the airports in strengthening their safety measures as well as provide a seamless experience.

Body Scanners:

One of the safety measures that can be adopted by the airport authorities is the walk-through passenger scanner, which can identify the materials hidden beneath clothes and can serve as a threat. The technology can develop the security system and also escalate the complete process of passenger security. With the help of the scanner, authorities can scam the traveler’s body heat, and through machine learning can identify the potential threat, without even bothering the passenger.

Biometric Passports:

Biometric Passports or e-passports are considered to be one of the significant large-scale airport security advancements recently and have started rolling out across many countries. E-passport carries a chip, which can be scanned in machines automatically at the airport and narrow down the long processes at once. The latest passports can eliminate the possibility of human errors in the procedure, speed up the airport security, and make it safer as well.

Facial Recognition:

The new facial recognition software scans the face in the e-passport machine to identify if the person is the same as the image on his/her passport. Nonetheless, the process is still in its infancy, but the technology utilizes cameras for facial recognition across the airport to check the person’s identity. Once the identification is authenticated, the traveler is passed through the security check automatically.

Leveraging Terahertz Screening:

Another essential tech is terahertz screening, which can modify the entire airport industry. It senses any suspicious release of heat from the passenger’s body and pictures the hidden object. Due to the radiations, there were speculations regarding how safe it is for the human body. Fortunately, the air was cleared as the machine did not use any hazardous artificial illumination to affect humans.