The endless stories of data breaches and consequences that get keep rolling all over the media, turn the guests more conscious regarding the security of the Wi-Fi connectivity provided at the hospitality organizations.

FREMONT, CA: Over time, Wi-Fi has come out at the zenith of every hotel amenity and puts a significant impact in the process of booking and quality of service. Nonetheless, guests are still alarmed about the safety and online security that comes along with the services.

On the other hand, most of the guests, along with the hoteliers, do not understand the potential Wi-Fi threats they can face. Wi-Fi network generally encounters with nearly six threat categories, which are defined by the Trusted Wireless Environment framework. The twenty-year-old, Evil Twin Access Point (AP) attack is considered to be one of the most creative attacks that still create havoc in the hotel industry. The trickiest part is that it is incredibly simple to perform and can appear to be a completely authentic Wi-Fi tool accessible on any public internet or network.

There are fake networks that look identical to the host connectivity, and it encourages the guests or automatically connects them to perform their work on the same platform. After getting connected once, whatever the guest browses on the web, like credit card credentials, and other sensitive data gets captured by the attacker.

Organizations worldwide should run security testing to verify the security of their networks and shield their connectivity systems from the probable threat categories. The hotel industry can take preventive measures like employing Rogue AP, which restricts the attackers to bypass the boundaries of security. Similarly, they can limit the access of the client’s device that is infected and further delivers the malware to the network. They can also eliminate the possibilities of having a client’s machine that gets connected to a private network unintentionally and avoid the risks that can invade into the system.

To keep the guests protected from various Wi-Fi threats, network administrators need to implement a Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) instantly. It is a security feature within APs that can scan the air space continuously to evaluate the existence of any Wi-Fi threats, and takes immediate action to counterbalance them. Hoteliers should always remember that they deploy the appropriate solution by assessing the products individually, which can detect the threats automatically.