Technology enterprises and hotel brands are working together to curtail the various challenges that come with implementing cutting-edge innovations into the hospitality sector. The challenges must be met to cater to a consumer-base that is comfortable with and expects smart technology in every experience when they travel.

FREMONT, CA: Intensified competition and evolving expectations have lodged a new era of hospitality, one in which technology has reinvented every step of the guest journey. Digital reinvention is the key to delivering hospitality experiences that matter. Over the next few years, the technology applications listed below will go from emerging to the mainstream. Those organizations that recognize the opportunity and prioritize digital innovation will come out on top. 

Virtual Concierge:

The rise of virtual assistant technology has been seeping into hospitality, offering exciting new engagement and revenue opportunities. Guests can engage with virtual concierges via SMS anywhere, anytime right from their smart device. They can ask for more information on the hotel, text service requests, and can even listen to the company's playlist.

Voice-activated Technology:

Voice interactions are gradually replacing screen time as the planet rapidly adopts Artificial Intelligence assistants. Hospitality enterprises should prepare for a paradigm shift as customers rely more on conversational exchanges to plan travel and interact with tour providers. Now customers can get voice-activated devices in the rooms, even to the point of providing both textual and voice language translation in real-time.

Stronger Authentication and Biometrics:

Verification and identification data can be used to alter check-ins and check-outs, effectively skipping the fundamental processes altogether. For example, IoT beacons and surveillance analytics can immediately sense a guest's presence and send a digital signal to their mobile device. Then, using that same data, hotels can set up the room according to the guest's exact preferences all before they step through the door.

Automatic Notifications:

A sophisticated omnichannel solution drives proactive guest engagement, reducing common errors, and arriving at better outcomes more quickly. Employment of such channels can enable hotels automatically or manually trigger notifications depending on the property or guest needs, proactively reaching out with information, updates, and engaging multimedia.