FREMONT, CA: RateGain launched the Smart Distribution solution during the Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA) meet in Madrid. The flagship product will transfigure the hotel distribution technology and enables hoteliers the ability to search and receive recommendations on new demand prospects, form contracts autonomously with new channels, set up content, carry out mapping of the product on various channels, and solve other ailments, which have been some issues in the conventional electronic distribution.

With competition among hoteliers rising, the pressure of alternate accommodation and channel chaos are continuous. The hotels are over-stressed in the management of the availability, rates, competition, finding demand, and distributing of funds on various channels that are most profitable. By extracting AI and ML technology, Smart Distribution allows the hotels to comprehend and source optimal markets and channels, standardize with similar hotels, innovate to make self-service autonomous and advanced room mapping. The adoption of these new features will free hoteliers to form a proactive functionality strategy.

Some of the features offered by Smart Distribution include:

Channel Discovery:  The ability to discover new clientele, source markets, seamlessly form a contract with various channels to unleash new revenue streams based on real market intelligence. Benchmark the hotel’s KPIs like ADR, LOS from transient business, and Room nights by comparing to similar autonomous hotels and evaluating performance from the previous year based on aggregated data.

Auto-Mapping: The automatic mapping of the rooms, rating combinations for the property with assistance from mapping recommender, and reducing time to market for a fraction of the customers are also key functions of the Smart distribution solution.

The ability to go live on the channels and welcome new guests has never been easier with reduced contracting and implementation times. The Smart Distribution Solution with already 1,25,000+ properties on board and over 1,000 channels linked including OTAs, GDSs, TMCs, and Tour Operators have made RateGain a major entity in the travel and hospitality distribution sector. The Smart Distribution solutions consisting of RezGain channel and DHISCO Switch allows the travel and hospitality sharing across all continents among independent hotel groups to major chains.