Hotels are looking to outsourced personnel to manage these non-core areas to maximize production and obtain the highest possible revenue.

Fremont, CA:  iDEAL offers outsourcing marketing and business development services for businesses looking to increase revenue in the hospitality industry. The iDEAL is familiar with the major decision-makers and stakeholders who evaluate and acquire items for all sectors of a hotel or resort. The iDEAL team presents the client's creative and unique goods and services for the lodging industry to the hospitality industry throughout North and Central America and the Caribbean through its long-standing partnerships with hotel owners and management firms.

iDEAL Hospitality Partners Group collaborated with GrabScanGo to generate revenue by delivering hotels' guest-friendly retail marketplaces at no cost to the property. In the present labor market, iDEAL recognizes that hotels are looking for more efficient approaches to income-generating without becoming specialists in non-core parts of the hotel operation. Hotels are looking for outsourced personnel to manage these non-core areas to maximize production and obtain the highest possible revenue.

According to Jill Dean Rigsbee, hospitality industry veteran and founder of iDEAL Hospitality, "I was immediately impressed by how well GrabScanGo understands the hotel retail opportunity. Their experience in the various aspects of hotel operation combined with their commitment to an outstanding guest experience creates an immediate jump in retail revenue for their clients."

GrabScanGo supervises the operation of the global market, grab n' go, or pantry shop; provides software to simplify visitor checkout; and generates reports that enable the hotel management team to observe all transactions and revenue made in real-time. Because the GrabScanGo checkout and market management software are self-contained and cloud-based, no interface with hotel POS systems is required. Hotels make revenue thru a profit-sharing structure that eliminates all operational expenses.

"Most people do not realize the depth of labor required to manage a hotel market," says Jim Alexander, founder of GrabScanGo. "It's not just the front desk associate that has to ring up the transactions and stock the product, but also the manager to place the orders, the engineer to maintain the equipment and the finance manager to account for the transactions and create reports to manage the market profitability. It's a lot of work for the hotel team. GrabScanGo is a win-win."