The hotel industry is looking forward to binding hands with technology and service vendors, whose motto is to deliver guest-centric solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Hoteliers will never say a “no” for penetration of technologies into their organizations if that can help streamline their processes and bring them even closer to their guests while optimizing operations, productivity and revenue. Many hotels have already seen the benefits of investing in the latest innovations and advanced platforms. The brand new year and a new decade are likely to bring even more significant advancements in hotel technology so that there is no need to rely on antiquated legacy systems. Hence hoteliers around the globe are redefining their offering by teaming up with technology and service vendors to ideate and design guest-centric solutions. Here are four technologies that will revamp hotels in 2020.

Virtual Reality (VR) Appeals Guests

While most of the applications of VR are confined to entertainment, it is now being used as a powerful marketing tool delivering relevant information to potential customers in a way that can delight them. One of the most common uses of VR is the creation of virtual travel experiences utilizing 360-degree video technology that can be viewed with VR glasses. This allows guests to experience a virtual recreation of different aspects of travel and navigate their hotel room before they check-in.

Take Advantage of IoT data

Internet of things (IoT) is already being used in every part of the industry. However, in the upcoming decade, hoteliers will derive more benefits out of data made available via IoT technology. This will allow them to dive deep into their guest’s behavior and gain insights to brush up their hotel operations. IoT generates a huge amount of data, and not all the data is used, and therefore, companies are making attempts to make sense of that data and create new paradigms that will lead the future.

Hospitality Robots at the Forefront

Robots are becoming common at hotels, whose role ranges from concierge, suitcases, security, assistants to chatbots assisting flight and hotel bookings. In 2020, a large number of hotels will invest in this technology to find new and creative ways to make their operations better while improving the guest experience.