Hotels are adopting new technology trends to improve customer service and improve business processes.

Fremont, CA: Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and financial meltdowns have all been surmounted by hotels, which are resilient by nature. Hoteliers have learned to adapt, improve, and deliver the way they serve customers and conduct their businesses due to these catastrophes. While the same resiliency will be observed in the post-pandemic age, the recovery will be hastened thanks to several new hotel-specific technologies.

Here are four hotel technology trends to look out for:

Hands-free tech

To follow the new pandemic guidelines and ensure guest comfort and safety, hotels need to practice strict social distancing and new cleaning protocols. Robots have been used to clean corridors and deliver requested things such as towels and shampoo at some hotels. This assists the limited and frequently overworked employees by providing additional "tech hands" to help with specific guest requests. During this pandemic, it also reduces unwanted face-to-face interaction. Furthermore, robots may clean many times without requiring the housekeeping personnel to perform additional cleaning cycles.

Mobile apps

Hotels are now in a great position to take advantage of the capabilities of personal devices and mobile apps to better serve their guests' needs. Mobile technologies enable guests to do practically any action from the original booking to check-in, including concierge services, room entry, restaurant ordering, menus, and payments, all from their mobile device. This is a significant development, as the online experience is increasingly valued and can even provide additional revenue prospects for hotels.

High Internet speed

Hotels are now catering to clients who are looking for daytime facilities other than typical overnight guests. Offering rooms as temporary offices for folks who prefer to work away from the distractions of a home is one example. With an increase of guests who need to work and live from their hotel rooms, hoteliers must ensure that they have access to reliable high-speed internet. At the same time, it's vital to cut expenditures and discover new revenue streams. Hoteliers are looking for solutions to improve the guest experience while also making managing and supporting a property's high-speed internet access (HSIA) and visitor-based network (VBN) requirements easier.

TV casting

Traditional high-touch in-room fixtures must be reinvented to comply with pandemic guidelines and assure guest safety, in keeping with the prominent concept of a touchless, frictionless guest experience. According to studies, the classic TV remote has been identified as one of the most troublesome guest room items in terms of cleanliness and sanitation in recent months.  For in-room guest entertainment, TV casting has become the go-to option. Guests can cast their favorite entertainment directly from their personal devices, rather than depending on a remote and manually putting in usernames and passwords for every streaming provider.