New technological implementations in the travel and hospitality industry have helped to satisfy the needs of their guest by enhancing the CRM.

FREMONT, CA: With the advent of technologies like IoT, many companies have been able to improve the operations up to date. Technology has helped to make many hotels to be more efficient as ones that can provide better service for the guests. Technology in the travel and hospitality industry has been able to benefit from the IoT by offering a better user experience for the guests. Guests can make bookings through an application and register their stay only with the help of smartphones. Below given are some of the technology trends the travel and hospitality industry must watch out for in 2020.

Service automation

Hotels have allowed guests to serve themselves. Most of the visitors prefer to use technology rather than communicate with humans. As a result, the growth of remote check-in and check-out has allowed the guests to use apps to perform the menial tasks. The new technology has created automation, and both the guests and hotel operators can spend extra time focusing their efforts on other activities.

Guest apps

The technology in the hotel industry has helped brand new guest apps. These are options that permit the guests to receive information on new hotel deals, notifications about hotel services, and also loyalty programs. The guest app even provides an itinerary to an event.

Location-based services

The new location-based services have also emerged as a solution to the technology revolution in the hospitality industry. With location-based services, customers can locate hotel workers and staff more accurately and efficiently. As a result of this, they can efficiently get the assistance they need whenever necessary.

Smart door keys

The hotel industry at present provide cards that put data into the guest's mobile device. With this card, guests can easily access their rooms and other areas of the restaurants, like the gym and spa. These cards also help them to visually scan to process entry into these areas of the hotel.

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