Hotels should embrace innovative technologies to maintain a competitive edge in the digital market landscape.

Fremont, CA: Hotel guests can expect to embrace more exciting experiences in 2020 with the emerging hotel technologies. Today, guests are always looking for hotels delivering seamless, safe, and streamlined experiences. They are demanding more personalized options and addressing these requirements exactly is a great challenge for hotel owners. They rely on the following technologies as they offer incredible opportunities for them.

Smart Hotel Solutions

The goal of smart technology is to provide guests with a fully customized experience. Automated checkout services, customized environmental settings within each room, the use of the Internet of Things (IoT), and wireless data linking are becoming commonplace.

Facial Recognition Technology

Keeping security in mind, hoteliers are now implementing facial recognition technology. This enhances security levels and privacy as it allows only authorized personnel to enter specific areas. It can be used in conjunction with electronic

Smart Guest Hospitality App

Hotels have now created their own apps for guests to experience a greater level of connectivity and correspondence. They can build their apps with features like virtual payments, 360-degree tours of a room, and immediate contact with the hotel staff that delights their customers.

Self-service Automation

This service places the decision-making process in the hands of the guests. Self-service kiosks, targeted feedback questionnaires, online registration, and options to pre-set the amenities inside a room are occupying a prominent place.


Hotels are now showing an inclination toward robots in relation to guest services and accommodations. Robots can replace the role of a concierge. It can be used as suitcases allowing travelers to the hands-free edge when navigating between locations. These robots are built to perform essential functions like answering common questions and offering room service.

Voice control

Home-based gadgets like Alexa is a perfect example of the evolution of basic voice search technology. Guests can reserve their rooms or immediately contact hotel staff using dedicated voice-activated applications. This is quite beneficial as it replaces other traditional options like a static telephone number.

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