Like all other industries, the travel and hospitality industry is transforming with new and evolving technologies. What are the latest technological revolutions to look out for in 2020 and the coming years?

FREMONT, CA: 2020 is a year to take a step back and analyze how the current world affairs will affect the travel industry. From VR to AI, technology is transforming at a faster pace than ever before. Restaurant managers are now focusing on delivering outstanding guest experience by incorporating technology. Using the in-room technology can make a guest's stay both more convenient and enjoyable.

Innovative technology helps a hotel become more eco-friendly, bringing it in line with sustainability trends and ensuring it has a positive environmental impact. Through the implementation of IoT, a hotel can improve the measurement of both energy utilization and efficiency throughout the building. This can, in turn, help them understand where they stand in terms of industry benchmarks, and drive them towards reaching higher standards.

Millennials and digital nomads continue to change how people travel, which has led to the successes of organizations like AirBnB and Uber. The digital maturity of travelers is impacting the hospitality sector and will continue to do so over the next few years. To remain competitive, hotels need to adapt.

The internet is increasingly becoming more crowded, and this will be no different in 2020. Entrepreneurial hoteliers implementing a niche marketing strategy will see the greatest success at attracting new guests next year. A niche marketing strategy focuses on targeting one particular section of the market that has a specific set of needs, such as on guest preferences and hobbies, to offer the ultimate travel experience.

Hotel owners find that marketing to a niche audience is more cost-effective and brings in larger margins. It also means they have less competition to worry about and can enjoy more brand loyalty as these markets are often under-served.

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