FREMONT, CA: Millennials, as well as Generation Z, look forward to brands to have refined self-service offerings. One of the keys to modern customer experience (CX) lies in technological innovation. Most of the technologies with which companies have experimented in recent years are now well developed, including Chatbots, which will accelerate CX innovation in 2019.

24/7 Service through Chatbots:

Since customers are impatient to get answers to their queries immediately, companies can use Chatbots to provide their consumers with direct access to expert customer services. New conversational bots act like human agents and reply to a customer’s specific concerns. The use of emotional intelligence by the bots helps them empathize with their customers. Even the selection of words, expressions, and pitch of voice adapted by Chatbots help them according to individual situations.

2019 is going to be the first year in which customers will encounter conversational bots on a larger scale in everyday life. Consumers will profit from speedy service and businesses from economies of scale through automation.

Profound Customer Insights via IoT:

The figure of smartphone users is expected to exceed 5 billion by 2019. In addition, there are currently billions of connected IoT devices. Universal connectivity in all areas of daily life is on the way to increase―and thanks to many new data points, organizations are gaining completely new insights into the lifestyle of their customers at a level of incredible detail.

The perceptions allow for the progress of effective CX strategies that are geared to the actual behaviors of customers. The intelligent connectivity and remote diagnosis sensors will further improve the service experiences by anticipating consumers’ questions.

Smart Analytics via ML:

As the IoT network progresses, the volume of data points also increases exponentially, leading to a sharp climb in the amount of data collected. Automated data processing, with the aid of ML, creates the fundamentals for the further development of the CX. Use of intelligent analyses based on self-learning algorithms, companies will be able to gain valuable insights into the behavior of their customers and can derive new approaches for improving the CX.