The hotel must be a place that combines home, office, and relaxation to become a successful business travel destination.

FREMONT CA: Today, the term "hotel business center" is a bit misleading. Business travelers and conference attendees expect more than a desk computer, fax machine, and printer in a room off the hotel lobby.

The hotel business center refers to more than a single location. It's the rooftop cafe, where people want to check work emails during breakfast, the lobby lounging area, where a group of coworkers prefers to converse on laptops, and the telephone cubby, which has been transformed for videoconferencing.

Why hotel business center is important?

Consider a business traveler today who doesn't have secure access to email, essential files, and cloud-based work platforms such as Google Docs, printers, scanners, copiers, laptops and tablets, and quiet workplaces for phone calls and one-on-one meetings.

Nowadays, businessmen and women require more than just a place to sleep, and they want office-quality facilities to stay in touch with their colleagues, clients, and prospects every time.

Here's how to develop a sophisticated hotel business center guests prefer:

Support business travelers' technology

Today's business traveler takes their "business center" with them while traveling. The hotels must make their jobs easier by offering technical support and convenience, like a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Stay updated on emerging technologies

If hotels want to attract business travelers, it's not enough to have the technology. The technology must be advanced, secure, and fast.

Offer solutions that answer common pain points for business travelers

A conference attendee, freelance consultant, salesperson, or even a parent on holiday keeping track of their business are all examples of today's business travelers. For them, time is valuable, so it is essential to streamline every touchpoint of their visit to concentrate on the task at hand.

Generate comfortable, bright, and flexible workspaces

Travelers at conferences, conventions, and business development trips are stepping off their electronic gadgets for doing business and network in person after seeing how effective face-to-face interactions are compared to emails. Hotels can provide them with advanced, one-of-a-kind facilities to conduct business in a comfortable yet professional setting.

Give business travelers enticing food and beverage options

A brand ambassador is a business traveler who brings a coworker to dine at the hotel restaurant or bar. Their visitors could be prospective new guests for the business, and they could then spread the word to their professional network. The alternatives and environment hotels provide can go a long way toward attracting new customers.

Make business guests feel valued through personalization

Every guest wants to feel important, particularly those who are attending an event with limited time. The hotels can make the business travelers feel appreciated while encouraging favorable feedback, brand loyalty, and repeat visits.